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More possibilities to vary the pleasure

At Val Saint-Côme, we want to make our snow parks as accessible as possible to all our skiers, snowboarders and freestylers customers. You will find something for everyone in each of the snow park areas. Have on the slopes “la cascade, the small park and the ski cross”! Excitements and thrills guaranteed!

Each module, obstacles and jumps are chosen and arranged with care by our snow park team, in collaboration with some of our followers. Our snowmaking team annually produces tons and tons of snow specifically for the needs of our snow parks, while the hills maintenance team works hard to make the parks available to our customers as soon as possible in season!

Le ski-cross

A new track awaits you, shaped by our experienced and creative team, shaped meticulously by our snow conditions specialists!


In general, you must be comfortable and knowledgeable with the modules before accessing the park. If you have doubts in regards to your experience level, inform yourself with the site’s ski and snowboarding school, they will be able to better guide you or recommend a group or private lesson to evaluate and improve your skills.

The use of snow parks holds many risks. Use the parks only if you accept to assume the inherent risks. By following the rules and using your head in the snow park, you'll certainly have plenty of fun to ride. However, if you do not respect the snow park regulations and the code of conduct, the privilege to use the parks can be removed. Think about it!

Enjoy the ride!