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Ski and Repair Shop

You will find in addition of quality-brand skis and boots such as Atomic, Rossignol, Head and Nordica a great selection of accessories and clothing with the name of the Val Saint-Côme Station, the boutique also offers you new products and demonstrations every week-ends!

If you are thinking about purchasing ski or snowboard equipment, our consultants will guide you according to your needs and caliber.

To know more about rates and modalities on rental equipment, click here.

At the workshop, our experienced technicians are innovating by offering high tech sharpening! You can also entrust them with waxing your skis or snowboard, installation or relocation of retention systems or other repairs.

Whatever your needs are with a sliding sport, our boutique team is waiting for you and is looking forward to assist you !

Discover our high quality sharpening services through our fully automated machine and on the cutting edge of technology! This machine is a CRYSTAL ONE model from the Montana brand.

Here is an overview of its features. A grinding wheel 160 mm or 180 mm wide ensures grinding to 4 VARIO structures. The side edges are sharpened with ceramic strips mounted on sliding shoes. The final Tuning HTT guarantees consistent quality and maximum MONTANA CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH. The service can be made via a sanding and tuning handset module extremely compact and secure, in addition to offering many advantages, including:

  • Power Vac System for suction of all ski surfaces
  • Automatic sanding with pressure curve for 1 ski
  • 4 Vario structures
  • Edges bilateral sanding with pressure curve
  • High Tech Tuning (HTT) on edges  lower side